Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. Why spend it cramped in a small limousine when you can enjoy the spaciousness and luxury that only a wedding PARTY BUS can offer? 2007 Introduced Brides and Grooms to The PARTYBUS and there is no turning back.   The PARTY BUS will be the talk of your Special Day so give the Gift that your Bridal Party REALLY Wants…The PARTY BUS!

Sheppard Wedding 2013

Consider the convenience of having all of your wedding party together. Four buses (30, 40, 45 AND 60 PASSENGER), with a SUGGESTED 80% MAX capacity for weddings of  24, 32, 36, or even 48 people, you can have parents, the groomsmen, bridesmaids and more! No worrying about everyone showing up on time for pictures or someone from out of town getting lost. Everyone can relax on the couch like leather seats, have a drink, dance and party to and from the church because you are all in one vehicle! Think about the UNBELIEVABLE Convenience of have a private bathroom for your group wherever you go!  No Limo can compare to that!

Wedding Party Bus

With ample leg room and high ceilings, all the ladies can feel relieved that their dresses stay wrinkle free. Air conditioning for those hot summer days insure everyone stays comfortable. And in case you feel like getting the party started a little early, you can always crank up the tunes and enjoy the amazing sound system. Any way you look at it, the PARTY BUS will make your special day even better.

Rockstar wedding

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