When you and your friends get in the festive spirit, there is no better place to raise your glass than in the Party Bus. If you happen to be planning a holiday party for your place of work, we guarantee you and your co-workers will have the time of their lives. With luxurious comfort and style, and amazing lights and music, we can be the perfect addition to your event or we can be the event itself!  Popular choice include taking the Party Bus to and from your favorite restaurant, an Ice Caps game or a concert.  On a budget or have a small group?  How about pizza and a few refreshments, then FREE cover to your favorite bars downtown or in the Goulds, CBS or St. John’s? All it takes to guarantee a good time is the Party Bus!


Want to do something special for the kids this holiday season?  Plan a Christmas Lights tour complete with Hot Chocolate and/or pizza.  A safe fun night out with the latest tunes and some added festive music. The kids will be so excited that they get to celebrate the season with the Party Bus!

xmas lights 1



Got plans for New Years Eve?


Your group will be more than happy to say good-bye to one year and ring in the next in the Party Bus.  For family oriented events, we can shuttle the group to the fireworks and back with ease.  Add pizza or hot chocolate, some festive music and get ready to ring in 2016 with the kids!  

For adult parties we are your group’s personal chauffeur!  No standing in the cold, just your own private shuttle down to the festivities.  We can drop you to your party and at the end of the night when nobody else can find a cab, your warm Party Bus will be waiting with refreshments on board!  Now that is how you ring in the New Year!  This type of service books fast, contact us today.